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Shooting Stars: Salute to Service

About the Series

See what happens when eight of the best showmen trick shooters and celebrity shotgunners turn the Texas night into an explosion of pyrotechnic targets and firepower with thousands of fans adding to a Football Game-like carnival atmosphere. It’s big guns, electrifying shots, and plenty of rivalry and laughter as the lost art of Annie Oakley exhibition shooting meets modern firearms, science, and big event entertainment.

Gerald McRaney - Host

One of Hollywood's most accomplished veteran actors, Gerald McRaney most recently starred on HBO's award-winning series "Deadwood," and CBS's "Jericho," which was nominated for Best Network Television Series. Prior to that, Gerald spent eight years as the irrepressible, yet immensely likable private investigator Rick Simon on "Simon and Simon," after which he went on to become the nation's favorite U.S. Marine in "Major Dad."

Gerald has managed to avoid the pitfalls of typecasting by paying his dues as a working actor in a myriad of stage productions, TV shows and motion pictures. He is not your run-of-the-mill male lead. Over the years, he has excelled in a wide array of characters from farmer to hit man, from vigilante to Vietnam veteran, from old west gunfighter to a southern corrupt sheriff.

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