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Guiding Alaska

About the Series

Step behind the scenes of Tikchik Narrows Lodge and into the real lives of the expansive staff, quirky guides, and tireless owner Bud Hodson, as they pull out all the stops to delight their guests at this crown jewel of Bristol Bay, Alaska. Ride along from pre-dawn until long after dusk as Hodson and his dedicated team juggle four distinct businesses with one crystal clear mission: to deliver on the dream of a deluxe Alaskan fishing expedition.

It’s a hotel. Restaurant. Vintage airline. And guiding service on the world’s finest fishing waters.

The exquisite, fully-self-sufficient lodge welcomes elite guests from around the world from late June through September – each with their own fishing ambitions and needy expectations. Thirty live-in employees populate the tiny peninsula where Tikchik shines in Alaska’s endless summer – and where every egg, blanket, replacement part and 20,000 gallons of fuel must fly in. It’s hectic. Intense. Never-ending. And wildly fascinating as ‘all hands’ are on deck at all times to transform every getaway into the trip of a lifetime.


Bud-HodsonBud Hodson, Owner – a larger than life character in the sport fishing business, Bud’s a jack of all trades and master, it seems, of all. His calm, cool demeanor belies a high RPM motor that keeps him on the move – and on the fly – for every minute of Alaska’s 23-hour summer days. He cooks. He cleans. He tunes aircraft engines. Ties flies. Counsels guests. Referees guide wars. Wrangles supplies. And battles nature’s fickle whims as he strives to deliver on the dreams of every single guest.

Chip-KingChip King, Head Guide – Part fish whisperer. Part dispatcher. Part master negotiator. Chip manages the team of zany guides and makes the call on which guests go where every day. A twenty-plus-year veteran of the abundant, unforgiving Alaskan waters, Chip’s in charge of making every day a safe, smooth one filled with tight lines, big fish and happy anglers of every stripe.

Matt-SpenceMatt Spence, Head Chef – A culinary master with a make-do-with-what-you-have attitude, Matt and his team provide a five-star dining experience in the most remote area of Alaska.

Carol-SmithCarol Smith, Hospitality Manager – a total pro with sky-high standards for her team, this charismatic Kiwi runs a tight ship behind the scenes…and a placidly smooth one in front of them.

Gregarious Guides& Hospitality Staff – they’re in position at remote sites in the nether reaches of the Bristol Bay with a thirst for showing visitors an adventure of a lifetime and awaiting each day’s fresh supply of edgy, needy anglers of all skill levels.