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Building Alaska

About the Series

Journey back to Alaska where three builders are each challenged with an extreme build in the middle of the wilderness. Each team will be faced with unique conditions, locations, and methods of getting men and materials to their off-the-grid locations. We'll follow each step of the process including the use of helicopters, float planes, ice road truckers, and boats to bring materials to the middle of nowhere. We'll see the highs and lows of each build as these ultimate contractors work against the clock of the abbreviated Alaskan build season and sometimes temperamental and anxious home owners who push to finish a project on time and on budget.

There's building... then there's building in Alaska and every step brings challenges most in the Lower 48 could never even contemplate. Solving and designing solutions for power, plumbing, septic, food storage, bathing, water supply, bear proofing, and the like make all these builds a journey back to a primitive time when shelter was as much about survival as it was comfort. 

Behind the amazing homes built seemingly against all odds are the intrepid builders who represent the toughness and tenacity that is the hallmark of life in the last frontier. Part Robinson Crusoe and the last frontiersmen, the ability to adapt, improvise, and persevere in the face of remarkable challenges will make all viewers appreciate what it takes to own a piece of the Alaskan dream.


Lee Raymond

Lee-candidLee Raymond came to Alaska from a remote farm in Missouri, so he’s no stranger to getting things done with limited resources. Also a fixed wing pilot, Lee specializes in remote log cabin builds and harvests his own lumber straight from the land he’s building on. He snow machines in the logs in at night over frozen lakes, flies in materials in helicopters and even doubles as the camp cook. As a designer, builder and artist, Lee Raymond is the complete package of the Alaskan builder.

Jim Wagner

JimJim Wagner is a hunter, trapper, gold miner, and log cabin builder that is tired of all the traffic and noise in Gustavus, Alaska (population 400), so he is going to build a summer getaway cabin in Chicken, Alaska (population 12).

Chuck Gerwig

Chuck1Chuck Gerwig has made a living building dozens of cabins and structures in Alaska. He lives a quiet and simple life based on hard work, clean living and family. His build is a large, 2-story cabin at the base of a 4-mile wide, 26-mile-long-glacier.