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About the Series

Armed and able. Rugged and rowdy. Join a tight-knit band of free-spirited frontiersmen as they make their livings – and their lives – on Kodiak Island one of Earth's most deadly settings where marauding bears and Mother Nature send a steady stream of risks and rewards their way. These outrageous characters battle through it all to live life on their own terms – and bring the wonders of their chosen home alive for their revolving door of hunting and fishing clients. They brawl through brutal weather, treacherous tides, ice, snow, and the ominous omnipresence of Ursus Arctos Middendorffi – the Kodiak Brown Bear – fearless 1,500-pound Gargantuas that rule the island with gaping maws, slashing claws the fearless bearing of acme predators.

It's island life in the extreme as our ensemble of eccentrics pursue their passions – and face down their demons – on the edge of civilization…then boat, fly and barrel their way into town to get provisions, pick up clients and blow off some steam in the funky, far-out hub of their island life. Watch in wonder as this hardy crew of ultimate outdoorsmen survive – and even thrive – amid the constant dangers of life on the mega-bear-infested wonderland of Kodiak.


Bob-MayBob May – guide extraordinaire and Kodiak's legendary 'Bear Whisperer'. Bob’s a legendary outfitter – leading his guests on life-changing trips for silver salmon and 200-pound halibut, the mystical Sitka blacktail deer and in-your-face confrontations with the uber-deadly Kodiak brown bear.

ErnieErnie Holland –former downhill racer and bare knuckles brawler – who flies and guides brown bear hunters throughout Alaska. He guides for bear and moose and puts his wings to work to move folks throughout Alaska. Bush and bear savvy, he's ruggedly handsome and brings a raucous sense of humor to every scene.

Bob-CusackBob Cusack – bush pilot without peer and a damn good guide in his own right. This salty Irishman is the archetypal Alaskan guide – pulled straight from the pages of a Jack London novel. And true to form, he treats his clients to hardcore pup-tent spike camps right in the heart of bear country.

Kyle & Troy Kyle and Troy Holland – Ernie’s sons, guides in training and strapping young men who are bush-and-bear savvy (the ultimate compliment up here), they're not just rough around the edges, they're ready for anything. And that's good because, here on the edge of civilization, there's no end of that.

Nicole & Marisa Marisa and Nicole Cusack - Cusack’s daughters throw a fantastic party as well as they cast a fishing rod. Definitely not described as sweet girls, they take after their father when it comes to stubbornness and survival in the wilds of Kodiak.