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Armageddon Arsenals

About the Series

Some people out there think the end of the world as we know it is right around the corner, and they’re making sure they can survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Retired Army Ranger and weapons expert, Tim Abell, is on a mission to track down some of the most heavily armed Americans, and test their firepower, and the strategies and tactics they plan to use to defend themselves from hordes of armed marauders in a total societal collapse. He’s digging into their arsenals, observing their training regimens, and putting them to the test, to find out if they have the weapons and skills they need to live through the hell on earth that they see coming. Everyone needs water and shelter and food, but if you can’t protect yourself when the thin fabric of society unravels after a major catastrophe, it might not matter how many beans you’ve stocked up.

Tim Abell

TimRangeFormer Army Ranger Tim Abell got his first firearm when he was 8 years old, and hasn’t stopped shooting since. He is a student of political and military history, and a student of the gun, with Army combat training in every environment from the arctic to the desert. He’s been trained to handle a vast array of weapons, from pistols to machine guns to rocket propelled grenades, as well as having extensive experience with explosives. Today he is a certified weapons trainer, and is prepared to defend himself in any scenario he might face.