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LIES, DAMN LIES and Online Polls
Tuesday 3 January 2012 12:00

It's impossible to run a successful business without accurate information about your customers and yet getting details about consumer behavior can be difficult in a world where a flood of statistically invalid on-line polls are seemingly ever-present and are sometimes passed along as scientific data. It's one thing to disclose a poll as nothing more than an unscientific survey to capture attention for one reason or another, but beware those who try and represent such statistically invalid data as fact...

Are You Killing Your Brand?
Monday 6 December 2010 12:00

In the rush to devise, engineer, and sell products quickly, companies often ignore their greatest asset: brand. For many, defining brand value is as elusive as forecasting sales. But start by understanding that, “Products are made in a factory, brands are made in the mind,” says branding guru Walter Lander. That is, what a consumer thinks and feels about your brand will drive measurable corporate value—often much more so than annual profits and dividends alone.

Is Print Dead?
Wednesday 17 June 2009 12:00

Get ready to say goodbye to traditional media—if you haven’t already. Gone are the days when information gatekeepers—like newspaper and magazine editors—controlled the flow of information to consumers. Welcome to the age of consumer empowerment. Now you can find and consume media when, how, and where you want it. This new empowerment is being fueled by two undeniable market forces—brands wanting to speak directly to consumers and consumers craving instant and unfiltered access to information of all kinds.

Making the Brand the Star
Monday 9 June 2008 12:00

Two distinctly different paths have developed in the world of branded entertainment on outdoor television. The first is where outdoor manufacturers—especially in the fishing industry—have opted to attach their brand to tournament anglers who have become TV show hosts. That is, ‘John Doe’s Fishing Adventures’ is brought to you by brand ‘X’. The other distinct trail, most often taken by hunting and shooting manufacturers, is to create programs solely focused on their brand and product lines. 

Death of a Network
Sunday 7 October 2007 06:54

Unexpected turbulence has hit the outdoor industry media marketing landscape and the forecast calls for more bumps on the horizon. The recent—and sudden—collapse of the Men’s Outdoor Recreation (MOR) network has left media plans for dozens of outdoor manufacturers in shambles. The closure of MOR underscores the need for advertisers to understand key driving forces in the television business if they hope to avoid the loss of vital components of their 

Print vs. Cable: What Ad Execs and Media Buyers Don’t Know Could Cripple Your Company.
Monday 15 May 2006 12:00

How a company adapts to the landscape advertising shift that is underway from print to cable television and emerging media will determine its very survival. At no time in history has it been easier for a manufacturer to find and connect with consumers. Conversely, it has never been more difficult to discern the best ways of doing just that. As a company that buys media, consults to media buyers, custom publishes